Leighton Reed

Leighton Reed, Director, Broomfield & AlexanderDirector

Leighton, a qualified Chartered Tax Advisor and Chartered Accountant, heads up our Tax team who offer corporate and personal tax advice to our clients.

He is particularly focused on:

  • Tax efficient company, family and shareholder structures.
  • Tax advice on business acquisitions and disposals.
  • Succession planning and exit strategies for shareholders.
  • Creation of share schemes to reward and motivate staff.
  • Minimising tax on inward and outward investment.
  • All aspects of property investment and development including capital allowances.

As well as vast experience on UK and International tax matters, Leighton offers extensive commercial experience gathered from working with blue chip clients and complex family company structures.

He is able to communicate tax in a way that people understand so that his clients understand the benefits of his advice, the tax costs and related risks in order to make an informed decision on the way ahead.




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