Tax is dynamic and needs to be constantly planned and reviewed as legislation and your circumstances change.

If you are not in business or no longer in business we can help you maximize your personal and family wealth.

If you are in business our large tax team will review your personal and business affairs as a whole, integrating personal and business tax planning to minimise your overall tax burden.

Your needs may be more straightforward and may need help with your annual tax compliance requirements for example completing tax returns, preparing VAT returns, starting up in business or learning about your PAYE or NIC obligations.

Whatever your situation, size and nature of business or stage in life you may also need help to reduce your tax bills.

We therefore offer two distinct tax services:

Tax Compliance   |   Tax Planning


For more information on the Tax Services we offer our clients, please contact our director team:

The MHA app

MHA appThe MHA app allows users to calculate personal and corporate tax rates, understand savings available under a number of tax incentives, and work out how much tax is payable on various forms of income and business transactions.

The App includes an expenses function, allowing users to record expenses as they go and email the details direct to themselves and their accountants. They can also take photographs of their receipts to save and/or email.

A business mileage calculator is available which runs in the background to other applications and tracks your mileage when travelling from one location to another. Again, this data is ‘email-able’.

To download, search for ‘MHA tax & expenses calculator’ in your usual ‘app store’ or click here to go directly to the iTunes store. Please note that it is not available for Blackberry.

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