Pensions, investments and savings are the three key elements that make up a secure financial future. With the right combination and expert planning you’ll be best positioned to deal with whatever the future may hold.

Our independent consultants offer much more than investment advice. They consider your whole financial situation in order to develop a comprehensive approach to the management and growth of your wealth – for you, your family, future generations, as well as your business.

Our wealth management service includes advice on:

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Six useful tips to avoid overtrading

Seamus Gates, Director, Broomfield & Alexander

Seamus Gates, Director, Broomfield & Alexander

Rising optimism in the economy can result in some businesses overreaching themselves to try and seize every opportunity – and ending up with serious cashflow problems.

Overtrading happens when a business has invested so much in stock and/or invoiced sales without being paid (debtors) that they have insufficient cash to pay creditors. In times...

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AISMA Doctor Newsline, Summer 2014

Highlights of AISMA Doctor Newsline, Summer 2014 include:

  • Practice management guru Kathie Applebee opens this issue with a detailed examination of the changes about to take place to the enhanced services regime, offering valuable insight into a complex area.
  • AISMA vice-chair Debbie Wood offers some timely advice on how a practice’s specialist advisors can help GPs and practice managers manage...

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