From Xero to Hero? Desktop to cloud accounting

Posted on: April 10th, 2018 by Judith Mallen No Comments

Business accounts often have a reputation for being complex and time consuming for anyone who isn’t an accountant. However, software that makes doing business a pleasure can only be a good thing: making money and seeing your business grow and develop should be fun.

Xero makes small business accounting easier in a number of ways:

  • When statement lines from your bank account are fed into your accounting software automatically, you can see your cashflow in real-time.
  • Being able to see bank balances, invoices, bills and expenses at a glance gives you a clear picture of your finances.
  • Viewing your accounts in the cloud, accessing them when you want, where you want, on any device. Cloud technology removes the need to invest in big hard drives and multiple servers to achieve increased capacity. You’re free to be mobile – not chained to your desktop.
  • When you can work on the same data as your advisors at the same time, there’s no need to share a computer or exchange files. This means compatibility issues are less likely to occur as software isn’t being downloaded onto individual computers
  • The service provider is monitoring security across all of its customers and connections, ensuring that your business is protected before any problems arise
  • Real time updates and software maintenance included in the subscription means there can be a significant saving on both IT overheads and time.
  • Savings from using cloud technology software can be promoted as an advantage in business plans, making a business leaner and more effective. The-life cycle cost savings of cloud technology can be as high as 50% for companies that currently use multiple servers.

At MHA Broomfield Alexander, we believe cloud technology is the way forward for business, opening up a new world of innovation for business. Our cloud accounting team has specialist knowledge and can provide a range of services, including system implementation and training. Why not give us a call and see if it can work for your business? 02920 549939 or email our Xero team.


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