Conflicting Roles

Posted on: February 4th, 2019 by Sarah Case No Comments

Welcome to month two of our publication, Using Conflict as a Catalyst for Change – A Guide for Embracing, Managing and Mitigating Conflict Within Your Charity. Last month we focused on conflicts with trading subsidiaries and this month we will be focusing on conflicting roles.

Trustees (who are ultimately responsible) delegate management and the day-to day running of the charity to its employees and management team. Of course, the trustees having delegated this, have firstly ensured that the charity has systems and controls which are designed to mitigate the risk of fraud from occurring – right?

They do this by ensuring that the board (maybe the treasurer) regularly checks and tests controls to ensure that controls are being operated as designed and documented! No?

Too little monitoring can lead to fraud, find out how to balance the freedom given to the CEO versus maintaining good board oversight.

Read the Full Publication Now: Using Conflict as a Catalyst for Change

Next month we will be focusing on conflict between the needs of today with the demands of tomorrow.

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