Something to think about when writing next years trustee report

Posted on: February 19th, 2019 by Sarah Case No Comments

The Trustees report can be seen as a window to the world, it’s a public available document that is required to meet many disclosure requirements to be compliant with the SORP.

Since SORP 2015 placed more emphasis on certain areas of the report, we have seen charities more comprehensively reporting activities and achievements.  However, there is a distinct lack of emphasis based on the reporting of the difference those activities and achievements have made.  When Charities are able to report the difference they make, they bring in an element of accountability into their reporting.

Focusing the report on impact the organisation makes requires a little more thought than listing achievements.  It requires charities to collate the evidence of that impact, data on the success of activities and whether the activities were in fact the correct ones to achieve the charitable objects.

So what to do for 2019… how about a blank sheet of paper instead of a roll forward of last year?  I can feel the panic this would create!  However, this is merely about telling your charities story in a passionate manner, using the evidence that you are probably collating for funders and working into that story.

Many elements of the Trustee report can be used in other ways for example funding applications, website narratives and reports to stakeholders.  The time taken therefore becomes a worthwhile investment.

We can assist with the compliance, we can help you tick all of the disclosure boxes – inserting the passion – well over to you on that one.

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