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MHA Corporate Finance Overview 2017

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The MHA Corporate Finance Overview 2017 is now available!

Corporate Finance Regional Overview for Wales

The headline statistics are a reduction in the number of deals in Wales by 6% in 2017 compared with 2016, and a reduction in the total value of transactions by 21% to £1.1bn.  The significantly higher reduction in total value than volume may suggest that the recovery that we have been seeing in recent years following the recession has reached the SME market.  Given the nature of the economy here in Wales, we do not consider this to be a bad thing on its own.  Taken together with the strong performance in the final quarter and the fact that 2017 was only the 2nd year since 2009 that deal volumes had exceeded 200, the year looks more positive than the initial statistics suggest. (more…)

Successful deals: Transaction Services

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DVSThe client DVS Limited formed in 2003, established itself as one of Europe’s most successful multi-brand distributors of electronic surveillance products.

A fast paced and energetic organisation, DVS has embraced innovative technological advances in the industry and is now seen as one of the industry’s most proficient distributors of IP CCTV products.

DVS has built an enviable reputation in the industry that has helped to ensure that many of the industry’s leading manufacturers have decided that DVS is the best partner to introduce their products to the professional installer.


Successful deals: IT and Technology

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Certus Technology Group_logoOur client, Certus TG is one of Wales’ leading managed service providers delivering IT services to the SME market in Wales and throughout the whole of the UK.

Following a recent acquisition in the North West of England, Certus TG was looking to grow and increase the number of skilled staff to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and to support the forecast growth of the business. Grant support was applied for in order to grow headcount at their South Wales office as compared to an alternative location.

Our team supported Certus TG by building the case for a grant along with the benefits to Wales. These benefits were incorporated into the company’s business plan and this was presented to the the Welsh Government, along with the business projections. This resulted in a successful grant application which will enable the management team to proceed with growing headcount in their Newport Head Office.

For advice or information on the support we can offer your business in applying for grant funding, from the Welsh Government or other sources, please contact Mike Fenwick.

Successful deals: Professional Practices

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Mike Fenwick, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

Mike Fenwick, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

Cunningham Lindsey is a large multi national loss adjusting and claims management business working primarily within the financial services sector. The company sought grant funding from the Welsh Government, to invest in its existing operations in Cardiff – specifically to improve the buildings infrastructure and its facilities.

We provided advice and support throughout the application process which included advising on the specific requirements of the scheme, the development of the business plan to support the application and dealing with any queries arising during the application process.

The application was successful and once the company had met the terms and conditions of the grant offer we assisted with the completion of the independent accountants report which is a requirement to enable the company to make a claim for the payment of the grant.

Steve Whetter, Head of Third Party Administration at the Cardiff Office commented that ‘Broomfield & Alexander offered excellent help and support throughout ensuring the application process was straightforward. We achieved the outcome we wanted – our staff are benefiting from a great working environment and the business is well positioned for future growth.”

For advice or information on the support we can offer your business in applying for grant funding, from the Welsh Government or other sources, please contact Mike Fenwick.

Successful deals: Technology

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Our client, Vizolution, is an award winning next generation company specialising in digital customer engagement technology. Vizolution originally launched its patented technology into the UK financial services contact centre sector but is now expanding into new business sectors both in the UK and Internationally.

Our team assisted Vizolution in preparing a comprehensive business plan to support a grant application enabling the company to remain in Wales and create the additional jobs required to secure the company’s position in it’s market and support its future growth plans. We also assisted with the grant application process and negotiating the detailed terms of the grant offer.

Funding for the project will safeguard existing jobs and create additional jobs in Wales, enabling the company to increase the number and size of customers serviced at any one time. It will also facilitate the development of new products to retain the company’s competitive advantage and to develop new markets.

For advice or information on the support we can offer your business in applying for grant funding, from the Welsh Government or other sources, please contact Mike Fenwick.


Successful deals: RUMM

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RUMM was established in 2005 having been spun out of work undertaken at the University of South Wales, formerly Glamorgan University, in relation to student attendance. The then new mobile phone technology used in the initial application was developed to meet a market need for energy management services.

The technology development coincided with sharp increases in energy costs and an increase in energy related legislation, primarily designed to reduce usage. Historically, the view was that energy efficiency reviews were a one off process, with a lack of ongoing management.

The technology developed enables energy usage to be monitored from individual utility meters, remotely gathering, storing and analysing consumption. This enables active, pro-active and informed energy management by customers and the provision of associated consultancy services.

The uniqueness of the technology and the growth and potential of the company caught the attention of a number of companies in the industry.


Financial package floats Cardiff ship operator

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Seamus Gates, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

Seamus Gates, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

A Cardiff-based company launched earlier this year to provide sea-born transfers to wind farms in the North Sea has secured a £90,000 financial package from Finance Wales and UK Steel Enterprise.

The deal has enabled Severn Offshore Services to conclude its purchase of its first state-of-the-art transfer vessel from the Damen shipyard in Gorinchem, Holland.

The new 26 metre vessel, Severn Provider, registered in Cardiff, has immediately started transporting equipment and personnel to and from the Meerwind Offshore Wind Farm in the German sector of the North Sea. It won the on-going contract against international competition.

Said company managing director Ryan Hopkins, who lives in Penarth: “Severn Offshore Services was specifically established to respond to the needs of the burgeoning offshore energy industry. The Severn Provider is a high-spec vessel that can transfer up to 12 personnel at operating speeds of up to 25 knots.


The Sweet Smell of Success

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Mike Fenwick, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

Mike Fenwick, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

A Cardiff entrepreneur who started a premium online beauty retail business from his parents’ garage has just completed a move to a 36,000square foot site  in Cardiff which will create an additional 100 jobs.

Rakesh Aggarwal who started in 2000, after completing his MBA from Cardiff University, was assisted by the Welsh Government to move to new premises in Ocean Park, under two miles from Cardiff city centre.

The move was backed by Welsh Government business finance and ensured the expansion went ahead in Wales and will create 100 jobs over the next two years and safeguard a further 20.

The new Operations centre and headquarters for which sells luxury cosmetics and fragrances from brands including Dior and Clarins, is triple the size of their previous site, and will enable Escentual to increase the number of product lines from 5000 to 15,000 items.


Recent projects: waste management sector

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Waste management sector successful dealBroomfield & Alexander were engaged by HSBC to review the financial projections presented in connection with a proposed acquisition.  The applicant company was a waste management company acquiring a company in a complementary sector.

Our work included:

  • a brief review of the historic performance of the two companies in order to understand the operating structures and trends;
  • a detailed review of the projections provided to consider the working capital cycles, funding requirement and timing and debt serviceability;
  • a review of the transaction structures to assess the benefits and risks of the proposed transaction specifically in connection with the funding being provided by HSBC; and
  • a consideration of the debt structure and the risks to serviceability presented by the transaction, the proposed funding and the projections.

For more information on the support we can offer your business, please contact Seamus Gates

Recent projects: construction sector

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Construction sector successful dealBroomfield & Alexander were engaged by Lloyds Bank to undertake a review of financial projections presented in relation to a debt funding application by a construction company forecasting significant growth.

Our work included:

  • a review of the historic performance of the applicant, considering project profiles in particular to ensure an understanding of the operating and project based structures;
  • a technical review of the calculations in the financial projections to assess their reliability in terms of the funding need presented;
  • a detailed review of the projections, considering in particular, the number and length of construction projects, cost and income profiles, working capital cycles and the timing and amount of the funding requirement;
  • an assessment of debt serviceability; and
  • an overall consideration of the risks and structures of the proposed debt.

For more information on the support we can offer your business, please contact Seamus Gates.