Employment Law Helpline

Thomas Carroll group logoThis service is designed to assist you with any Employment Law issues, no matter how routine.

The Employment Law Helpline is available to you for a low annual cost and will be invaluable in resolving all kinds of Employment Law difficulties.

The Helpline is manned by advisors who are qualified Barristers, Solicitors, Law Graduates or HR Professionals. All have experience in the field and understand and deal regularly with employment problems, such as attending employment tribunals.

The telephone helpline is available between 9-5pm, Monday to Friday excluding Bank and Public Holidays.

This service costs only £150 per annum, based on 15 calls in the contract period. Any additional usage will be charged at a rate agreed with you, shutterstock_82832608 in advance of the additional usage.

Contact our team to find out more:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0844 7709598