Protecting against the risk of currency volatility

Currency volatility is a key factor impacting the bottom line of many businesses trading internationally – and particularly those who fail to effectively hedge their foreign exchange rates.

The volatility caused by seemingly constant political and economic upheaval has resulted in increased uncertainty – making the implementation of a robust strategy for managing currency fluctuations a modern business imperative.

Free review of your currency risk exposure

To help protect your business against the risk of currency volatility and take control of the costs of your international payments, MHA Broomfield Alexander have negotiated a free currency risk review available to all our clients through Godi Financial.

Godi Financial provides foreign exchange risk management services, fast & efficient international payments for businesses and individuals who are moving large sums of money abroad. As Wales’ first foreign exchange services company, they have helped over 100 Wales-based businesses to understand and minimise their foreign exchange exposure all while reducing the costs and fees associated with FX transactions.

This review can help you better understand the effects of currency fluctuations and transaction fees on your specific business operations.

Godi’s no-obligation review includes an assessment of your FX risk and cash flow, an audit of your current FX arrangements – including a price comparison versus your bank or current FX provider – and expert recommendations and strategies to help you to reduce your currency risk exposure.

The no-obligation review includes:

  • An assessment of your foreign exchange risk and cash flow.
  • A price comparison versus your bank or current foreign exchange provider
  • Recommendations and strategies to help to reduce your currency exposure.

Request your free FX review today

For a complimentary, no-obligation review of your foreign exchange risk or to find out the difference Godi could make to your business, contact:

Luke Walden
Godi Financial
E: [email protected]
T: 01792 720 871


Download a number of useful resources on how to mitigate the potentially damaging impact of FX fluctuations here.