Acquisitions can be a good strategy to achieve a step change in your business.

Acquisitions provide a way of obtaining existing contracts, contact lists, key personnel or a complementary business structure (e.g. regular contract income vs. one off projects).

Finding the right business to acquire can involve a lot of time and effort in assessing opportunities. In this time, the successful business seeking to expand can take their eye off the ball in their own business.

We can provide support during this process to enable you to concentrate on the day to day running of your business, generating the cash and the leverage to finance your acquisition.

Our services include:

  • Access to a nationwide database of opportunities already seeking buyers or investors
  • Research using publicly available information to prepare a list of potential targets
  • Managing the contact with target companies and handling the flow of initial correspondence, information and confidentiality agreements
  • Advice on valuation and formulating offers including consideration of the funding structures
  • Completion of due diligence processes and review of the impact on the deal
  • Ongoing project management and liaison with the vendors advisors and your legal team and funders


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