Grants & Funding

Grants can form an important part of a project related funding package.

Grants in Wales are available from a number of sources, including the Welsh Government, European Union and Local Authorities for a range of activities, including capital investment, job creation (and safeguarding), Research and Development and training.  Grants are discretionary and negotiable.

We can support you during the application process to minimise your time commitment and maximise your chances of success.

Our services in this area include:

  • An assessment of the eligibility of the company, the project and expenditure to provide a clear view on the possible grant (and other funding) routes available.
  • Attendance at meetings with the relevant authorities to present the case for grant.
  • Support in the preparation of the projections, business plan and other documents required to submit an application.
  • Liaison with the funder(s) to manage the flow of information and the management of queries.
  • Managing responses to the funder(s) to ensure momentum is maintained.
  • Review of any offer(s) received and negotiation of terms where appropriate.

Please see details of our recent successful grant funding applications here

In a short podcast Mike Fenwick talks about how to access and apply for grant funding:

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