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10 tips for successful exporting

Posted on: October 4th, 2013 by Liz Mounfield No Comments

As the economy in Wales looks to recover, companies are considering exporting as a way of growing their business. Exporting can be daunting for those considering trying it for the first time.

The good news is that there is a lot of help and support available to SMEs in Wales. Business Wales, South Wales Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Europe Network and UKTI are just a few of the organisations who can help.

Exporting has many benefits for a business – there are the attractions of new and growing markets; it can help spread the risk; extend the life span of a product or service; address seasonal fluctuations; increase the returns on investment and R&D, build your prestige and brand; increase revenue and profits and there is Government support to help you do this.


Junior ISAs launch to help parents save for their children’s future

Posted on: November 4th, 2011 by Leighton Reed
Leighton Reed, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

Leighton Reed, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

From 1 November parents are able to open a Junior ISA account for their children at a range of high street institutions. Around six million children will immediately be eligible for a Junior ISA, with a further 800,000 children benefitting each following year.  All children under 18 who are UK residents and do not have a Child Trust Fund (CTF) will be eligible for a Junior ISA.

The limit for Junior ISAs will be set at £3,600 and to ensure that children with a CTF are not disadvantaged the CTF savings limit will treble from £1,200 to £3,600, from 1 November, aligning it with the new Junior ISA limit.

Funds in a Junior ISA will be locked-in until age 18 and roll over into an adult ISA on maturity, meaning that the accounts will help to foster a long-term savings habit among young people.

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