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Kids Company and the lessons we should continue to learn

Posted on: October 5th, 2016 by Sarah Case No Comments

Sarah CaseSince the news of the Kids Company broke and the findings unravelled in the media, we have been working hard to increase awareness of the issues and publicise the guidance Charities have available to them, so they do not become the next big news story.

Within days of the news story breaking about the Kids Company people were keen to offer opinion and hindsight solutions to the problem, and whilst there is plenty to take learning from, it was far better for organisations to wait, read the full report and make a measured plan as a result of the findings.


Charity Commission places greater responsibilities on trustees

Posted on: January 27th, 2012 by SarahCase No Comments
Sarah Case, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

Sarah Case, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

The Charity Commission has recently outlined its new approach to regulation which places greater emphasis on preventing problems and identifying risks early, rather than dealing with them after they occur.

This Risk Framework explains to trustees, charity advisors and the wider public the Commission’s approach to regulation and how it assesses risks affecting charities, the wider charity sector, and public confidence.

The Commission will use the Framework to support its aims which are to assure the public that charity money is used in line with charity law, that charities are legitimate and run in line with their charitable purposes, as well as ensuring trustees carry out their duties and responsibilities and promoting high standards of accountability and governance in charities.

The document places a greater expectation on trustees to tackle risks head on, anticipating that if something goes wrong that it is their responsibility to put it right. The document also makes it clear that there will be greater expectation for trustees’ to tackle issues of potential risk to their charities.

The Commission will place emphasis not on charities’ internal disputes, but focus on a three-stage process to decide how and when to investigate charities and will focus only on cases of serious risk.

As long as trustees act lawfully and reasonably, the Commission will not intervene or overturn decisions, no matter how unpopular they may be with beneficiaries or the public. The Commission’s investigations going forward will be statutory, rather than regulatory cases.

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Charities – creating a sustainable future

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by Sarah Case No Comments
Sarah Case, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

Sarah Case, Director, MHA Broomfield Alexander

Recently there have been unprecedented stresses placed on the charity sector and some organisations are facing a substantial reduction in services or even closure. However, these outcomes are far from inevitable.

Charities that have built and are building strong predictable income streams and have robust financial planning mechanisms in place, running their services in a financially sustainable manner will allow valuable services to be maintained.

Many of the steps that charities are taking – changing their operations on cost grounds and reviewing or delaying activities – will see them endure for longer as these strategies make the most of available resources.

Many find that by taking steps to ensure that they stick more closely to their core mission and adapting to a more austere funding environment that they can define more tightly the services that they deliver or are targeting their beneficiaries more precisely.